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Understanding why Moss & Algae Grow on your Roof.

Algae & Moss Grows as a result of cool roof temperatures.  Moss & Algae will grow on roof where the temperature remains cool during the day. The growth occurs on the North and East side of the roof, however if you have shade on your roof then the moss and algae can grow on all sides of the roof. Moss growth is green.    The sign that you have algae growth is the black ugly streaks on your roof

Why is it important to remove the moss and algae on your roof?

Moss and Algae is a plant that adheres itself onto your shingle’s granules. The moss is the strongest of the two plants and we saying? once you see the green moss the damage is already done.  The green moss will quickly strip your shingles of the granules causing pre-maturing aging of your roof. We recommend that you remove the moss asap to prevent further damage.     Algae will also damage the granules on your roof.

How to remove the Algae & Moss.

There are two methods to remove moss and streaks; Chemical Application that does not require a pressure washer or Chemical Application that does require a pressure washer.   We use the gentler chemical method, but we ill explain the benefit and disadvantages of both methods

Spray and Forget Method! The Gentle approach.

We use the Spray and forget method which is a gentle cleaning process in which you simply spray the chemical onto the roof and allow it to dry. The chemical suffocates the plant growth and in time the Moss & Algae will die.  The moss will decompose will turn brown and the ugly black streaks caused my algae will slowly start to disappear.

The advantages of using Spray and forget is you do not need to us a pressure washer on your roof.  The disadvantage is for the can take up to 6 months to see the ugly black streaks go way and, in some cases, depending on the severity of your roof staining, it may require an additional treatment.

How to remove the Algae & Moss.

To prevent future growth of Moss & Algae from returning you may have to retreat the roof every 2-3 years, however there are some things you can do to help prevent the growth
  • We recommend in the future you blow your roof debris off to prevent your debris from decomposing and feeding the moss.
  • Moss & Algae loves shade, you might consider cutting the trees to allow the sunlight to shine on to your roof.

Instant Clean method

The instant clean method can be used for the Ugly Black Steaks caused my Algae.  Do not use a pressure washer to remove moss growth. Moss is a strong plant and it would take too much pressure and the high pressure would damage your roof. The instant clean method involves using a product called Shingle Shield and using a pressure washer to remove the stains.  You need an experienced roof cleaner, or you can risk someone damaging your roof.   We do not recommend using his on roofs that are older than 10 years as the shingles granules are not strong enough to withstand the pressure cleaning. 

The advantages of the instant clean

  • Your roof is instantly clean and looks great

The disadvantages of instant clean

  • It will remove a minimal amount of roof granules, however the algae in time will also cause your granules to come off your shingles.
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